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Fresh Start Portable Shower

Have you been looking for an affordable response to those customers looking for single-unit showers? Here’s your answer: our Fresh Start Shower Unit. Built within the cabana of a standard-sized unit, the Fresh Start offers the conveniences of a home shower experience in a fully portable package.¬†Each unit features a removable hand-held shower nozzle, with separate hot and cold water valves. The interior of the unit sports a shelf for personal items, and a spray soap dispenser. Coat hooks mounted to the door and to each of the right and left walls just inside the door are protected from water by a full-length shower curtain. The unit rests on a water containment skid, with threaded fittings in each runner that allows gray water to be piped away to a holding tank or bladder.

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This is not a room temperature shower: water is heated to an average temperature f 115 degrees by a propane-fueled on-demand water heater, and may be adjusted to suit the user’s comfort level. A 20-pound propane tank (not included) powers the heater for up to 18 hours of use at a flow rate of 1.4 gallons per minute. Two “D” cell batteries provide the spark to ignite the heater. The only outside connection necessary is a garden hose with a minimum of 20 psi water pressure. A 20-minute shut-off timer is included with the heater.

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